The Car Influence

I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on the planet. I was born shortly after the war. At four years, I could spit out the year, make, and model of any car coming down the road. At nine years, I drew a picture of next years’ new Chevy and sent it to the president of General Motors. At fourteen years, I was hiding copies of the small 25 cent car magazines into my civics class textbook. At sixteen years, I became liberated when I got my drivers’ license.

At this point, the muscle car era was upon us. I read every car magazine and dealer brochure I could lay my hands on. I wrote out hypothetical vehicle order forms in the hopes that my parents would somehow listen, and order the GTO instead of the LeMans. Next, it was off to junior college and a degree in auto service technology. Then off and on full time employment at the local Chevy dealer (which also owned the local dragstrip). The ups and downs of living on flat rate hourly income finally pushed me to a dealer preparatory school.

Long story short, the dealership ‘trip’ did not pan out. After selling new and used tires for a year, a well- known aftermarket company hired me on as a sales rep and marketing trainee. Flash forward thirty-nine years later. I’m still in the business having fun and still learning new things every day.

You can take Sam out of the car but, you can’t take the car out of Sam. There are a lot of passionate people like myself at AP Exhaust just waiting to make your next exhaust or emissions purchase a pleasant and memorable experience.

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Sam Slick

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