The Diecast Influence… Creative Substitution


We guys really love our cars! From the time we start driving, cars take on a serious bent of providing entertainment and solace from life’s inequities. As long as we can have real cars provide us the fun and imagination, nothing else matters. Well… almost nothing else.

I was flying pretty well until the kids came along. That rearranged my $$ priorities in a hurry. I almost cried when I had to sell my Corvette to put new windows and siding on the house. How was I going to expose the sacred car culture to my flesh and blood now? The answer came upon a stroll down the TRU toy aisles. I was drawn in to the small 1/64 scalers because they didn’t take up as much room to store.

Hey, some of these were pretty cool pieces. I have to buy two of each… one for my little guy to open and one for ME in the package. Well, after about a year of this, I finally figured that I couldn’t acquire all of them (there were WAY too many combinations), and vowed to purchase only the ones we like. Still, they ended up multiplying like rabbits. True car lovers admire all different styles, colors, and wheels.

Did I tell ya that collections are dynamic rather than static. Your tastes change over the years and you find newer castings that appeal more than some older ones. And let’s not forget that collectors like to upgrade their stash as they learn more about the hobby. Every element of diecast collecting is just like the real thing… only in miniature. And remembering bench racing? They still race, buy, sell and trade at the multitude of local diecast clubs and shows around the world.

It’s a great way to have fun and be kind to your pocketbook too. Do appreciate adults with their little playthings. I’m sure every one of them would rather have the real thing if it was possible.

Until the next adventure,
Sam Slick

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